Friday, December 20, 2013

Broken Heart

So I drove to the Safe House yesterday to drop off the toys that we collected from our toy drive, the case worker that I work with got caught up in a crisis and was running late which in turn made me late the rest of the day.  Including but not limited to Austin's Christmas party.  Sigh...I was 7 minutes late.  Guess what the first 7 minutes of Austin's party were...her first ever play.  Yep, missed the whole thing.  Tried...still trying...not to just cry and remind myself that there will be a lot of plays and it wasn't like I didn't try really hard to be there.

Here's the clip (thanks to Joe who was luckily on time) of Austin's acting debut.

Fast forward a bit and you can watch me walk in with Goose. :-(

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Anne said...

Aw man. I can see what you'd be sad as a mom, but man, you surely had the best excuse ever for being late. You're totally right: there will be many, many more!!