Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Weekend Thanks

November 17 - Today I am thankful for heavy duty cough drops.  I had a baby shower to go to on Saturday and since the inevitable cold is going around our family currently, I sounded like a jazz singer and it took everything in me to not cough all over everyone.  Oh and did I mention this was not a traditional baby shower, but rather High Tea at the Miramount Castle...so I was extremely thankful for the extra strength, numb your throat and kill your cough candies I was piling through.

November 18 - Today I am thankful for my Mom.  Like most people I am thankful for her as "just" my Mother but she also wears many hats for us.  Our only real babysitter around here, my confidant (one that I talk to everyday on the phone), accountant, real estate broker and last but certainly not least our tax preparer.  I realized how fortunate we were to have her on our side during the house buying process and could not imagine not having her here for the audit.  So not only am I thankful that she is MY Mom, but I am also thankful that her personality has made her be the jack of all trades that she currently is.  

November 19 - Today I am thankful for my patience.  While I may not be able to hold it together at all times, I have a generally calm personality...perhaps I started off with more craziness and have calmed down over the years.  This my friends is what I wish on my daughters...the ability to grow into calmness.  Currently Austin is in a full global melt down, in fact I think I just heard her puke on herself...didn't slow her down one bit.  Perhaps I was like this as a child, or maybe Joe was (I assure you both of our Mom's would have selective amnesia on this one...hell I don't want to remember it already)...but either way I am hoping that she learns how to harness that energy.

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