Saturday, November 2, 2013

November - Thanks

Wow, did the year fly by.  It's already November and I just remembered so I can start my 30 days of Thanks!  As I have always said, Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday so any way that I can showcase that, I am all in.

November 1 - Today I am thankful that I picked someone to have children with that wants to be an active Dad in their lives.  I know this is not true for many of my friends and I couldn't be happier with the way things are going with our family.  Look at this amazing father and his two daughters in the tent that he set up in their playroom.

November 2 - Today I am thankful that I did all of those years of volunteering at TESSA before becoming a Mom.  I posted the video below on my Facebook because I think a lot of parents forget how much we mean to our children even with our shortcomings.  I was very fortunate to meet a young lady that taught me all of this before I had kids of my own.  We were talking about things that scare us and an 8 year old little girl stated that the dark scared her.  I agreed that the dark scares me too and she went into a story that I will never forget.  Her mother was a drug addict who would prostitute for money, when her clients would come by the hotel room where they lived her Mom would always make her sit in the cupboard in the bathroom with the lights off until everything was done and then she would come and get her.  Here's the truly amazing part about children though, she didn't judge her mother or think less of her...she looked at her like a super hero, one that always showed up to turn the lights on and take her away from the scariness of the world.  That day I realized that no matter what I did, my kids would love me and through my weaknesses and faults all I had to do was be their light.

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