Thursday, November 7, 2013


November 7 - Today I am thankful for Kuma, or perhaps I should say Kuma's breeding line.  I don't believe wholeheartedly in the old saying that there are no bad dogs only bad owners.  I believe that all animals are as susceptible as humans are for varying diseases including mental illness.  I think a dog just like a human can be taught bad traits or that they will learn to defend themselves if need be but also that sometimes there is a chemical imbalance that will cause aggression.  From what I have seen from Kuma, he has one of the most laid back and loving personalities I have ever seen in a puppy and I completely love that.

Here he is sitting with one of his girls just after his bath.  I have given him at least a bath a week since we got him and all he does is stand there in the water in the whining, no nothing.  Just a super good boy.


Daniel Smith said...

IT'S LITTLE ANNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS cute dog too!

Anonymous said...

Can you see how quickly Kuma is growning....I swear he has doubled in a week....Murph

Anne said...

I was going to say the same thing! He got huge fast!!