Monday, August 19, 2013

Camping in Wyoming

This was the first time we have ever tent camped with the girls.  While it had it's challenges, it was also extremely fun.  On the last day we caught two toads which lead to the seven kids that were being completely entertained while we packed up boats and camp sites.  We ended up having 18 people, 3 boats, 3 dogs and 7 was amazing.  Like a little homestead of canvas.

Here's our tent site when the first 8 got there.  Aren't the big cottonwood trees just awesome.

And here's Little Goose and I floating along on the tube behind Grandma and Papa's boat.

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Anne said...

Oh man that sounds so fun!!! I wish I lived close enough to go camping with you guys. Peter's not at all interested, and I don't want to do it by myself but I definitely want to get the kids camping. I'm going to get the Smiths excited about it and tag along with them!