Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Photo Catch-Up

I was just looking through some pictures and thought about the fact that it has been forever since I was on here updating the Blog world.

So here we go...

We went to the State Fair before leaving for our trip to Indiana.

Here's my little Cowgirls.

And they had a fishing pond.

Here's Austin in the super cool blow up balls on the water.

Good morning from Lake of the Ozarks

This is what an 80 mile long lake looks like without another boat on it!

Having a tasty lunch time beverage at the lunch.

Tyler Mae and her "Go Fast Hair"

Beautiful sunset after our fish dinner.

Good morning from Wilson Lake Kansas.

Tyler learning about binoculars.

Austin swimming at lunch.

Girls playing dress up...great looking outfits. :-)

Poor Ty had an abscessed bug bite that got really infected and then burst through the side of face. :-(

We found this awesome salamander in our basement, caught it and have been petting (aka torturing it) for days.

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Anne said...

Wow those bubble balls were at your fair!!! That is awesome!!!