Friday, August 9, 2013

Pee and Perspective

I walk around the house laughing, repeating the quote from Big Daddy - "It smells like urine in this joint. Good job!".  Between Tyler learning how to use the little potty and Austin learning how to not wear a pull up to bed, the place definitely smells like the men's room at Wrigley field.  Of course in every effort to combat that smell, I mop at least once a day and days like yesterday even take to wiping the walls down with bleach...anything that can possibly help.

I always like to share my points of perspective just in case someone else needs some also.  Our household is buzzing with rushed nervousness about the upcoming Monday audit and getting all of our ducks in a row to fight a fight we can't possibly win.  So I think both Joe and I were starting to become self absorbed with our current situation when I got an update on Facebook that one of my friends from high school had just had their little baby girl.  What fantastic news.  First couple of pictures look completely normal, a little bitty smash face and everyone either crying or smiling at the arrival.  Then the next picture showed her with the velcro on her temples (like both of my daughters had to have for their Baby Ray-Bans so they could be under the UV lights).  Then the next days pictures show her with oxygen on...again not that surprising, we live at nearly 7,000 feet in altitude so a lot of babies get oxygen.  Then a plea from my friend for prayers.  I knew at that moment something had turned.  Well it turns out she was showing all types of symptoms of just not being well so they started running tests.  She has Hirschsprung's disease and went in for surgery yesterday to have 20% of her intestines removed.  Apparently the blow to the heart to have a 3 day old operated on wasn't severe enough so they were also told that she has Down's Syndrome   Now keep in mind my friend's wife is in her 20's, this is her first child and all of that would have been difficult enough...I know because I have been there, a new baby is hard, labor is hard, healing and mending is hard, but doing all of it while struggling with the emotions that must come when you hear that news must be even harder.  Her little 6 pound frame made it through the 4 hour surgery yesterday and has started the long road to recovery.  I cried for a while yesterday, not just because I know my friends have shed enough tears and it was my turn but also for believing that the IRS was a big deal.  In the scheme of things, the IRS doesn't even get to be a deal much less a big deal.  I kissed my kiddos and continued scanning receipts with a new found ease.

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