Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Good morning.

Good morning Blog world.

I spent my first night away from the girls this weekend.  One of my friends had their Bachelorette party up in Denver and we all stayed at a hotel up there.  It was super fun to have 14 girls all running around downtown Denver, of course we're getting old so about 3 hours into the night the complaining about hurt feet in high heels took over the shrills of excitement.  And it has been a long time since I ate breakfast at 3AM at a dinner, made me feel pretty old. ;-)

Here are Kelley, Carri and I are at dinner before our feet really starting hurting.

Yesterday while Joe was sitting in the first IRS meeting for our audit and I was feeling completely helpless at home, I decided that I would help our karma bank in honor of him.  So the girls and I dropped off 9 cases of water and a box of Jimmy John's sandwiches to the relief workers in Manitou who are helping dig out the city from the recent floods.  Unfortunately after major fires like we have had any rain can cause flash floods and it's wreaking havoc on poor Manitou.

This is what a portion of their streets look like.

Most of the businesses and homes have basements, all of which look like this.  Muddy volunteers helping to haul it out of there.


Anne said...

I bet it was fun to get away for the weekend! Was Joe in charge of the girls? How did he fare?!

You and Joe are awesome. I keep wanting to write a letter to you guys and tell you how wonderful and inspiring I think you are and how great a couple you make together, but I still haven't written it, so I'll just tell you here: you both are always on the lookout for someone to help and it is really inspiring! So thanks for that! Can't wait to see you all!!

Crystal said...

Thank you Anne, we definitely try really hard to help where we can.