Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I have been cooking up a storm lately probably in part because it is getting colder and also because it gets dark so early rather than getting tired or restless I like to stay busy in the kitchen.  Although whenever I get knee deep in something I tend to take it a bit too seriously so when Joe's employees called in sick on Monday and prompted him to be an hour and a half late I found myself just about in tears as my from scratch homemade spinach ricotta ravioli with prosciutto white wine cream sauce, salad and bread sticks sat on the stove becoming less of a master piece and more of a "wow I bet this was really good a while back" kind of meal.  Or last night when I left the burner on while grabbing the chicken off the grill only to find my pad Thai noodles now soggy...again less of a mater piece.  Sigh.  I should learn to take it worth a grain of salt (complete pun intended) but that is not quite my personality.  The one thing that I have to say is my absolute favorite part about trying new recipes and food (last night I cooked with fish sauce, I mean com'on who has that kind of stuff in the fridge?) is that the girls eat everything we put in front of them even if spicy like last night.  Oh yeah and they both drink my Italian salad dressing after their salads are done. :-)

I just finished up my cooking list for this weekend's Friends Thanksgiving/Toy Drive, I've got some new ideas to try out that I am super excited about ***bracing for soggy disaster now***.  I think I will probably just start drinking earlier, after all a couple beers should make the new green bean casserole taste that much better.

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Anonymous said...

Yum!!!!! That pasta dish sounds just fabulous. Bring some when you for Christmas (which I just heard you are for sure coming!!!) Cant wait to see you guys!