Friday, June 22, 2012

Toddler Time

This house runs on Toddler Time, it will take nearly 7 minutes to put on shoes, 3 minutes to clear a place setting, 45 minutes to eat dinner, 90 minutes to fall get the gist.  Bottom line I spend a lot of time waiting each day and saying things like "Can you please hurry?" or "We are running late can you try and hurry?".  If I step in and do it for her she will quite literally melt into a puddle of screaming and crying that Satan himself would be proud of so I just stand there with Tyler waiting patiently.

We went to South Dakota this last weekend to visit Derek and Rachel.  The girls had SOOO much fun, we even visited a petting zoo (ok that part was for me, but we took the girls with us).  :-)  Every trip up there gets more fun as the girls grow and change and find that they can all play together.  It's just too cute.

Our Little Eater...she will eat anything you put in front of her and loves ribs.  That shirt she is wearing had to be thrown away after this experience.

Look at the size of this moth Joe caught for the girls. That is Joe's cell phone sitting next to it so you can see the vastness of it.  (Meowser must have been been impressed too which led her to eat it this morning luckily while the girls were still asleep).

Austin riding a pony at the petting zoo!

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