Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The fire

Our poor city is on fire right now, the kind of fire we are told can't happen in populated areas.  So far our home isn't in any real danger but the shop is just across the Interstate from the mandatory evacuation site.  We're hoping that the winds don't pick up again today and blow it across.  Here's some pictures to show how bad it is.

This is what the fire looked like a couple days ago, just really some smoke from the mountains.

With the changing winds you can see how it is crawling down the mountain yesterday.

Once the winds changed it took 30 minutes for the front of the shop to look like the above picture to this one.

Here is a view as the sun sets and the fire lights up the sky. 

This is the view from our gas station on the corner, you can see that the fire was successful in crawling all the way down the mountain to the city.


Mary Grott said...

So very sorry for your problems. We'll be praying for your safety! God bless you! Love, Aunt Mary and Uncle Don Please stay safe!

Laurasuz said...

Good night. That's scary as hell. We'll keep praying for you guys.

Anne said...

Good gracious! I can't imagine seeing that first-hand!! You're all in our prayers, too.