Monday, August 8, 2011

Wishing Wells and Strikes

So anyone watching the news this morning knows that the union part of Verizon went on strike. Wow am I glad not to be in Boston right now, while the forklift driving would have been amazing the chaos surrounding bringing my Mom and the girls would have been crazy. Although everyone but one other person on my team shipped out yesterday so I took over several other people's of which starts at 4AM my time. So my new shift is 4 - 4, which is exactly how long it sounds and I will be ready for my second pot of coffee here in a few but in the iconic words of Flava Flav "They got to pay me boyyee".

A little back story for those of you that aren't privied to my incessant talking as J is. There was a vacant unit in Joe's building that he really wanted to rent to add an additional grow operation, however state laws are not allowing for any new licenses including additional grow locations until at least July 2012, but he didn't want to pass up the opportunity to have the extra square footage. That coupled with Tadd and I's new found passion for storage auctions we have started another business. Wishing Wells L.L.C. (I have to give Joe credit for the incredibly creative name) was born out of almost insanity since none of us have free time, but will be a mostly online (for now) second hand goods store. With hopes that if it takes off we will eventually have a retail shop. It should work out really well since this will be a business that not only can I take the girls to but since at first it will be online by appointment only we don't need to be there all the time. Oh yeah and Joe works two doors down so he is available to help out as he did this weekend. There was a giant structure in the middle of this place that needed to come down, while that part sounds fun - Joe wanted to keep the wood - which means that Tadd and I couldn't just destroy it and actually had to take the screws and nails out. Bummer dude. It was still fun though.

The bare structure after Nate and Joe took down the drywall and the ceiling part.

The fallen walls waiting to be taken apart - Murph you would have passed out had you seen Joe and Tadd pushing and pulling those walls down. Although they did manage to teach Baby Girl Oh Sh!t! :-)

After I was pretty much done with bending over I strapped Austin on so she could ride around the rest of the time. Here I am sweeping and looking rather annoyed, which I don't remember being.

And our new space all cleaned up, we have to wait on some finishing walls and electrical that the building owner is taking care of but after that Tadd and I are going to fill it with amazing treasures.


Anonymous said...

What a cool idea! I love it! I hope it's a great success :D You guys are so enterprising, I'm jealous!

Anonymous said...

You guys wear my a$$ out!! Crystal, I think you need to get a hobby,ya got nothin' goin' on!....;)...Murph