Monday, August 22, 2011

Our first storage unit purchase.

We bought our first set of storage units, 4 in all. We spent a total of $1150 and are anxious to see what our things are worth. I am busy researching some of the valuables like the piano and such but other than that it looks like we are going to have to hold a garage sale of sorts to get rid of the odds and ends. Oh yeah and I cannot believe the amount of junk that people will store. Holy cow is some of this for instance the chicken wing bones, yep just the already eaten wings. Or the collection of used plastic cups. WOW!

Tadd's phone will take pictures and stitch them together. Here is a shot of the whole shop and it's contents after we spent all day sorting and throwing away.

The first couple loads of stuff before my OCD kicked in and I had to sort it.

The very pretty, very old (marked 1904) piano...please God let this thing be worth a boat load of money. :-)


Anne said...

How exciting!!! Looks like you got a boat load of stuff. It was really funny to hear about the odd stuff you found.

Laurasuz said...

That piano is beautiful! It certainly LOOKS like it's worth a boat load