Thursday, August 18, 2011

Like a worm in hot ashes...

My Mom said the other day out at lunch that Lil' Bit was like holding on to a worm in hot truer words have been spoken about this little girl. You had better be on top your game when trying to hold on to her, thank goodness I didn't have her first I would have surely dropped her. No rookies with this one.

Our little Justin Bieber with her wild hair. Look at how much Lil' Bit already watches Baby Girl.

Austin helping out while I pump, and being just about as proud as one big sister could possibly be while doing so.

The ever changing Lil' Bit...holding still for one moment before going back into spastic movements.


Laurasuz said...

What a cutie! Both of them! Austin's hair looks really blonde, us blondes gotta stick together!

It was nice to talk to you on the phone today and catch up. Something I should be doing more often is calling you guys out there!

Anne said...

Haha - sounds like Laura's girls!! They are never very still either and hard to hold! Claire was pretty wiggly too. I can't wait to try out my baby hold expertise on this little wiggler!!!