Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Park

Joe managed to get off early tonight and surprise us at home and offer to take us all to the park. And boy does Austin love the park...I on the other hand can't stand the park. A free-for-all full of kids that are either rude or on their way to getting hurt. Take tonight for instance, a 5 year old little boy stood in front of Austin on the playground equipment and said that she couldn't pass and then smacked her on the head. Ahhh what a perfect afternoon. But to Austin it is a magical place full of wonderment and joy that I am refusing to rain on. Some day she will have kids of her own and she will dread the heathens at the park but until that day here's how much fun she will be having...

The goofball looking through the holes at us.

For those not around her all the time, this is a clumsy child...she is always falling. So yes even at this age she MUST hold on to the railing with both hands or she's coming down the thing. In fact I don't even know if she is so much clumsy and easy distracted and completely forgets that she is walking up the stairs.

If we can keep her this confident and sure of herself throughout her life, we will have won as parents.

Getting ready to go down the small slide.

Perhaps her confidence comes from her totally admiration of this man.


jlynn said...

So freaking cute... I'm glad I am one of the lucky ones to get to spend time with her on the regular.


Anne said...

Aw - I'm glad you remembered the camera for your trip to the park.

I know what you mean about the park. Lately I've been opting for the park that all the kids go to because my kids so love playing with their "friends" who are really complete strangers. But when I'm feeling less in the mood to put up with other kids there are much less used parks that we can go to and probably be alone.

I'm so glad you looks up to Joe so much. We were the same with our dad - what an awesome picture of those two.

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE her peeking through the hole.

Anne said...

I meant to say I'm glad SHE as in Austin looks up to Joe so much!

Laurasuz said...

Between you and Joe Austin and Tyler are bound to turn out to be great people!

I love all the pictures. Thanks for sharing them.