Friday, November 5, 2010

Worth more dead than alive...

My Mom always cautioned me that I shouldn't be worth more dead than alive, but as fate would have it I have a daughter who would need a lot if I were not around. So I bit the bullet and took out life insurance on Joe and I. With Joe just enough to cover the business and hire someone to work it full time. But with me, what's the going rate of a mother, girlfriend, house keeper, cook and nanny. Well I decided just about a million bucks outta cover it. I didn't think it would feel any different, but I have to say it feels weird to be worth like negative $400,000 alive and a cool million dead.

On to other weird news...we live in Colorado and it has not snowed even one little time. In fact it's supposed to be 76 tomorrow! What on earth is going on?!?!?! The planet is melting.


LauraSuz said...

It snowed here!! Decaf coffee in-home date night tonight!!

Here's hoping for snow your way!

P.S. I'm slowly making my way through Thank You notes.

jlynn said...

So, I got life insurance like five years ago and my parents urging... now, I'm sure that my parents have no reason to kill me, but my first thought was, "why do YOU think I need life insurance?" It's funny but it does feel weird. I actually just added more coverage this year. It's not a lot because I have no kids and I don't own a home that needs to be paid off but it's still strange to be worth almost half a mil dead and about forty-seven cents alive.