Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I am sitting in my office with sweat literally running off me (already an enticing picture I know) thinking to myself what the hell is going on? I didn't used to buy into this whole global warming thing but sitting in near 90 degree weather in almost October has me turning into a believer. The average high in Colorado on this very day is 70...yet today's high will be 88. It'll be nice for volleyball tonight but right now in my non-air conditioned house it is down right stifling.

Not sure if everyone across the country is seeing these new Mormon commercials but I am telling you what they are one good push away from converting me (OK just joking on that one but close). All of the commercials start off with, Hi I'm adventurous, daring, life saving and successful...and I'm a Mormon. I'm not sure if the LDS church has lost all it's followers but one last TV commercial team but man oh man can they make something (that I normally wouldn't think would be) sound appealing.

I thought this was a good point. While watching a special on education in this country or better yet the lack there of, the director of the Harlem Schools stated the obvious in better words than I ever could. He said "We are the only super power left in the world, the only ones with the big bombs sanctioned by the UN yet we aren't even in the top 10 for education...not the top 20 either. We are in fact the 27th in the world...and this doesn't seem to scare the hell out of anyone else?!?!?" Too true, 70% of 8th graders can't read at a junior high level. Wow! I agree with Bill Cosby...we have failed our youth.

Another interesting factoid for those who care, 2009 marks the lowest marriages recorded in 100 years. So this could either mean that with the failing economy people are choosing not to get married or given the factoid above...they simply can't read the census to mark it correctly.

Austin, J and I went to the humane society this weekend to walk around and look at the animals...it was free cat weekend and they were literally giving away kittens so I am dang lucky that there was such a long line or I would have at least one of those sitting here with me now. But the part about the trip that was so odd was that twice J and I were approached by separate ladies telling us that they had seen us at lunch before, one was from months ago. Each of them stated that Austin was just so memorable that they couldn't forget her face. Good to know that if she is ever kid snatched people in the mall will point her out and say that she actually belongs to me.

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