Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The latest sports drama

I have to admit when I first heard about the latest sports drama, I too made the assumptions that the media played into.

For those that haven't heard the NFL and specifically the NY Jets organization is in hot water for sexual harassment charges against a female reporter. Now when I first read the allegations it sounded more like the reporter was looking for attention and some press for her network affiliation. However, I watched an interview with her on The Today show and it completely changed my mind.

She never filed the complaint herself, and actually stated that she didn't even hear what was said about her in the locker room or on the field during practice. Her camera crew and another media group were present and caught on camera what was said and done towards her (blatant sexual references and all) and turned it all in as a complaint against the team. Now keep in mind she is BEAUTIFUL and wears what would be called provocative clothing, although she says she is not looking to appear provocative but rather feels pretty in what she wears. I don't recall there being a dress code on football teams so I can't say she is in any violation and from what I can tell if she knows a fair amount about sports (which I can assume she does because she has been doing this for 8 years, but she reports for a Spanish speaking TV station so I can't understand her reports) and she's easy on the eyes, which I am sure attracts people to watch her interviews I don't believe she has done anything wrong.

Obviously now she is under fire for dressing inappropriately for a reporter and bringing this upon herself, which is insane to me because if her TV Station is fine with it then we can sure as hell teach full grown adults to treat her with respect no mater what she's wearing.

Here's her outfit the day in question...her response was "Well everyone else was wearing jeans too...". Just something to keep in the back of your mind, she is married and has three children and quite apparently a successful modeling career.


LauraSuz said...

I can always count on your post to bring me up to date on the latest happenings!

jlynn said...

I guess we were thinking the same thing this morning. :)

In all fairness to her she is standing on the sidelines next to cheerleaders who are wearing a lot less... she looks positively puritanical next to some of those cheerleaders.