Monday, October 4, 2010

Stomach flu....blah!

Poor little Austin woke up Wednesday night sick and scared, Joe and I sat up with her all night taking turns holding her and being scared ourselves, and you can tell how scared we were because we were both just sat silent taking turns cleaning her up and laying with her. Fast forward to Friday night, Joe and I are sitting around watching TV talking about how it must have been a "baby thing" that got Austin sick because two days later we both still felt fine. Went to sleep and about midnight all hell broke loose. Joe had to close the shop on Saturday not only could he not stand to operate it but getting all of his patients sick didn't sound like such a great idea. We canceled our chili cook off on Sunday with the same reasoning, we both seem tired even this morning so entertaining 50 of our friends would have been hard not to mention if there were any germs remaining that could get everyone sick that would have been awful.

It pains me to say that it has been well over a decade since I was sick due to anything but alcohol and bad decisions. Apparently the haze of fruity vodka shots makes puking not quite so miserable, because I tell you what being sober and sick sucks bad. That was just stupid.

So now we have to go through and reschedule the chili cook off and hope that everyone still has the same enthusiasm as they did this weekend. And the Broncos even won, so it would have been a great day for a celebration. :-(

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LauraSuz said...

Ugh is right. That sounds like a nasty little thing. Glad everyone is feeling better.