Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our weekend...

Well I can officially say that I am no longer a drinker, not to say that I won't have a drink or two here and there but on Friday night I went through a couple bottles of wine (which would have been a warm up in my hay day) and I can honestly say that I am still a little hungover today. Holy smokes! Uncle Paul, Aunt Lynne and Megan were stranded in Colorado Friday night so they got to see the green hue in my face first hand on Saturday (by the way guys if you are reading this I swear I will be a better host next time I see you), I couldn't hold down food until that evening and J who went glass for glass with me had to watch baby girl because I was shaking too much. Awesome. Time to close that chapter in my life, unless I allocate a week to heal.

We went out to a 4th of July party at a friends house in the country and got rained on all evening while standing outside, at least then the fireworks that were being set off illegally didn't start the prairie on fire.

J, baby girl and I went and had lunch in Garden of the Gods yesterday at this cute cafe where if you present a Colorado driver's license you get buy one get one free meals. It literally took us two hours to find parking and I just kept reminding J what a free meal was worth. The meal was totally worth it and the scenery was amazing.

We have officially been going to the gym at 5am for 7 months and it STILL isn't any easier to get up on time. I would have thought that at least by now we would have been rolling out of bed by ourselves instead of fighting with our alarms and sending each other OMG, running late be there in a few text messages.

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Anne said...

Wow - good for you ladies! Seven months - that's dedication!