Friday, July 30, 2010

As fate would have it...

As fate would have it I have been extremely busy at work, of course now that Allegra is here and we have so many other things that we would rather be doing. So yesterday when I took the afternoon off to go to the mall with us girls it cost me working until close to midnight last night. Just made spinning that much harder this morning, but oh well. :-)

Here's Allegra and Austin on Austin's first ever amusement park ride at the county fair (I made Allegra squish her legs into it so Austin could ride)

And here's a Blue Jean Cake that Allegra and I made last night! :-)


Anne said...

oh that girl must be having a blast!!!

LauraSuz said...

I told Aunt Lisa that after spending two whole weeks out in Colorado she's going to come to Indiana and think it's completely lame. I wonder what she'll enjoy doing more looking at corn fields or bean fields? :)

That cake looks super cute too!