Monday, October 12, 2009

Go Broncos...

I can't believe the Broncos are 5-0, in fact I am pretty sure the Broncos can't believe they are undefeated.

We had an absolute blast at the game on Sunday, even though it was freezing cold out. Austin had fun with Grandma and Grandpa (pictures for proof). It was crazy cold all weekend here and the roads were a mess. We had a 50 car pile up and a 60 car pile up all in the one day. Luckily we and our vehicles weren't involved in anything. Our friend from South Dakota was in town so he and Joe and the boys went out on Saturday night which led to some funny stories on Sunday morning followed by headaches all around. And here's a cute picture of Joe and Austin at one of our family dinners.

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Anne said...

What a doll baby!!! I LOVE that last picture of her. Thanks for posting!

PS I know I still owe you a letter!!!