Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Water please!

First off, Happy Anniversary Murph and Carole...we'll give you hugs and kisses on a Mexican beach here soon. :-)

I have made several loaves of bread in my new breadmaker (thank you Laura, Dan, Anne and Peter). They haven't come out awesome but I am dealing with high altitude baking so I am being patient, I'll get it. Here are some pictures of the first thing that Joe and I made with it, which was this amazing pizza...we even managed to make it low calorie and good for us. :-)

This morning while Joe and Austin were having their bonding time I guess she really wanted a drink of his water so here's a cute video of him sharing his water with her. Yeppers, she is just about ready to start eating big girl food. Don't worry for those of you wondering, "well geee whiz can she have water already?"...she puked it up all over Mom. :-) Ahhh, Dad gets fun play time, Mom gets puke.

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