Monday, April 13, 2009

The weekend

We had a wonderful weekend Friday night we all went out for a friends birthday, the benefit to being pregnant is that I am the best darn DD in the world. Sober now for 8 months...kind of feel like I should get a chip like you do in AA.

Joe and I had a newborn class on Saturday which I was the only person that had never changed a diaper. Guess who got to work with the little dolly?! Learned how to swaddle, how to rock, how to burp them. All the moms reading this are chuckling right now but I'll bet you that at least one person reading it doesn't know what swaddling even is. Which is about where I am. The class got a good laugh out of my ignorance but I don't mind, I find that if I show that vulnerable side of myself it allows others to do the same. So sure enough before long we were all asking the "obvious" questions. Well that is of course after I scared everyone half to death. You may ask, how could I have done that? Just be the nearly 9 month pregnant lady who falls down the stairs. And I totally knew better...had my purse in one hand and my water bottle in the other, no hand on the rail...dummy. I am so clumsy right now I have to sit most times to put on my pants, so why on earth I thought I could gracefully walk down stairs was anybody's guess. But yep scared the hell out of the rest of the pregnant women and of course the doula hosting it. Me, I just kind of sat on my butt looking around like whelp this is a good place to sit and so much easier than getting up. :-)

Easter was good, we got about 8 inches of snow so it was a little more like Christmas. And then went over to my Dad's house to celebrate his 75th birthday. Birthdays are always odd in my family, we don't really celebrate them (especially not on my Dad's side) but we try and at least point out that someone is a year older. Well and it gave them all ample time to call me fat...they're kind people. ;-) Luckily I have been dealing with it for so long that I can shrug it off pretty easily.


Anne said...

Oh well. If anyone calls you fat, you get to smile and completely ignore it. Because you are growing a baby - there's nothing fat about that!!!

Wish you could've been at Grandma's for Easter!

jlynn said...

I think when you start out your post with a line that read "we had a wonderful weekend" it should, in fact, be wonderful. No falling down stairs, no family members calling you fat, not mentions of AA.. they are simple rules, Crys, but they should be observed!

I watched a marathon of Rock of Love and ate a king size Kit-Kat for Easter, so that should put things in perspective... anyway, I'm pretty sure it's what Jesus would have wanted. ;)

Josh said...

I'm not the one that's not supposed to know what swaddling is, am I? Cause I got that baby stuff down, yo.
And jlynn's right: You can't say "wonderful weekend" and "falls down the stairs" in the same post. Though, I think every mom I know had at least one "Duh" fall when they were don't feel too bad. Probably means she'll just enjoy carnival rides. :)

Barb said...

My poor baby..... :(

Sorry you had a bad weekend. I talked to you - at length (ok, hold on, now I'm on the phone with you again.......) so anyway.....

Sorry that things went poorly at dinner, sorry that you fell down. Sorry you're feeling just a bit overwhelmed by your eminent due date (yikes!) Here's my hint to you... I wrapped you like a little burrito and had no idea I was swaddling you. I figured out how to diaper you and I too had zero experience. I had to go down stairs sideways too,but I did hold on. The bottom line is that you will do great- I know that - and nobody has the right to grade you on that. As for the comments - forget them, they're just jealous that you're still stunning even though you're full term pregnant.

I am sooooo excited that you're almost ready, and I'm soooo excited to meet Baby One, and I am sooooo proud of you! I love you.