Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Car Seats & Diapers

So Joe and I were at the doctor's on Monday afternoon and somehow it got brought up that we are full term in less than a week and a half (even though my due date is more than a month away). Both of our faces kind of went white Joe then spoke up and said well I guess I could drop you off at the hospital and go buy a car seat real quick. It was just so surreal to think we could be utterly unprepared for something like this. Luckily she won't remember that we are the parents that didn't have even one diaper at the house and had to stop on the way home. :-) Although the side-effect to this news in that Joe has shifted into high gear on the house.

In watching the news this morning I am pretty sure that the people that complain about the small stuff must not keep up to date on the news. I spend at least an hour every morning shaking my head, kids missing, people we even have pirates. Yet the radio was talking about a new Spongebob Square pants video that is bothering people...really? That lights people on fire, but finding 8 year olds in suitcases rolls off your back. I walked past a car yesterday in the grocery store parking lot that had a bumper sticker on it that read "Hurt an animal go to jail, period!". How about hurt a person go to jail? Most domestic violence charges are met with probabtion, let's not even talk about child abuse and the fact that the child (not likely) or another guardian has to press the charges. 80% of the people in prison are in there on drug charges. Murders happen every day, everywhere. They just must have better lawyers then the drug dealers.


Anne said...

Redarding the first paragraph - you can take comfort in knowing that you wouldn't be the first parents stopping for diapers on the way home from the mother in law really did have to stop on the way home with her first!! :o)

LauraSuz said...

I had being 'full term' sneak up on me too but then she was a week late so it didn't matter. :)

Deb said...

Not sure if they still do it but when Jenn and Mike were born, the hospital gave us a bunch of diapers to take home with us so we had some when we got there. I realize that it has been 25 years, maybe they still do it. It never hurts to have extras!