Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Dentist

I had a dentist appointment today and while I never really enjoy the dentist I was looking forward to this particular appointment. I have NEVER flossed before, I mean I used to chew up a wad of cinnamon or mint floss as a kid but never used it correctly. Until I found out I was pregnant and read an article about gum disease causing premature labor, well that's all the proof I needed. I immediately started flossing. So I was expecting a giant A on my report card at the dentist today because I am after all a people pleaser. Instead I got an F, I was actually asked by the lady on numerous occasions well but what kind of floss are you using...would that matter? Aren't all flosses created equal, basically I spent an hour and a half being called a liar...of course she was polite about it because I pay her but you get the gist of our conversation. Not to mention the fact that I am absolutely sure that my dentist was a scab picker as a child, the reason that I know this you ask...because she is brutal to my mouth, she leaves nothing on any tooth. My gums are now so swollen that they are in parts covering up my actual teeth, at least the bleeding finally stopped but I still can't chew. Oh yeah and she can't help but rest her tool on my mouth generally before I can move my lips out of the way so they are as swollen as my gums. My favorite question...are you SURE you're ok? Why would she ask it like this...because my face is covered in blood and tears are running down either side of my face. At one point I just looked at her and said I'm fine just don't stop anymore. It also never fails that I am seated right next to a child who is in and out of there in 10 minutes, they must just let their teeth rot out of their heads rather than cleaning them.

On the way home I stopped by to pick up Panera Bread for Joe and I...and then proceeded to cry when I got home because I couldn't eat it even though I was starving. In fact now that I am in the depths of pitty I have just had a heck of a day so far. The chiropractor had to "place" a rib back in place this morning. I put place in quotes because it's consists of slamming his body down on my chest with his fist where the rib in question is, to answer the next obvious question...yes it hurts, in fact it hurts so bad he smiled and said you won't like me very much this morning and then proceeded to crush me. This all coupled with the fact I have been on line working since four this morning, bring on a crying baby it HAS to be less horrible then my pager in the middle of the night. Just to drive me up over the edge it just went off again, that's 12 straight hours of paging...gotta love computers.

Better get back to painting and fixing the world, which is apparently going to hell in a hand basket according to my pager.


Josh said...

Sorry to hear you're having (had) a rough day Crys :( I know the pain of the dentist and the pager (boy, do I know the pager pain). At least it all gives you that much more to look forward to having the baby; having her to focus on will make everything else seem so much less important. Sending the good vibes your way :)

Deb said...

Aw, I'm sorry. The dentist used to do that to me too. I remember when I was pregnant with Jennifer, I think I spent most of the time in the dentist office. I was only 25 and he told me that I had neglected my teeth too. When you are pregnant, the baby takes all your nutrition and causes your teeth to go bad, if you have that tendency. I spent about $5000 on my teeth! Flossing is something that you should do and also the Sonicare toothbrush helps alot. Ever since that horrible visit, I have done everything that they told me to do, I don't know if it is helping but I still have them. It's a constant challenge keeping those gums happy!