Monday, November 16, 2015

The weekend....

November 14 - Women.  Today I am thankful for the women that we are seeing in the spotlight in the media.  Some good some bad, but they are there.  We are starting to move up to the front seat of coverage and while we will always have the Kardashians that are known for...well I won't fill you in if you don't know where they started.  But we also have people like Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm.  These two women were and are the best at the sport they have chosen, in this case it is mixed marital arts and I must admit I have never wanted to watch an MMA fight before, not only did I watch this one I also paid $60 to do so.  They danced around the octagon, they caught punches and threw them...they bled and bruised just as the men did.  Not only did they accomplish this, they also sold out the largest venue ever and head lined the most talked about fight in MMA history.  Not in spite of them being women, or because they are women...but rather because they have earned the title of the best, and our society loves an underdog story.  We love watching an 800 point underdog like Holly Holm KO a reigning champ in the second round, I have to think because some small part of the millions that watched now know that it is possible to train hard and win...even when no one thinks you can.

November 15 - Carri.  Today is Carri's due date and even though she didn't have that little girl today I can still give thanks to the person that she has allowed my brother to become.  It was always going to take a special person to work well with either Tadd or myself, we have a fair amount of baggage but if you don't mind dealing with that our hearts are made of gold.

November 16 - Snowmagendon - That's what they are calling the snow forecast for this evening.  With a total of up to 25" at our house.  It sure would be fun to be all snowed in, however when I post tomorrow about wind and a dusting of snow you will know that my thanks will not be to the weatherman who is promising to shut down the state.

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Wow!! Snow forecasted already!!