Monday, November 2, 2015

Our weekend

Our friends host a Halloween party every year, and while it was/is an adult party they start it now at 7PM so we can drag the kiddos and leave when the real party starts.  Every year I try and dress the kiddos up as something at least together and most years I match them too, however this year I decided that we should all dress up together as a family...and while Joe grumbled he ended up pulling off the Scarecrow very well. :-)

Earlier in the day, Jackson was helping me make the cupcakes for the party.  Boy do I love that face!

Poor Jackson's head piece kept falling down (which I actually think made him cuter, but also angry).  We won second place in the costume contest too...thanks to pulling off The Wizard of Oz!

Sunday mornings we try and make it to Overtime to watch the Bears, here's Jackson hanging out with Adam watching the game.

Tadd and Carri got a new rocker for the baby's room so we got the furniture box, which Joe turned into fort.

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Anne said...

As always thanks for the pictures!! Love you guys!

Also LOVE the costumes!