Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ooops...falling behind.

November 19 - Today I am thankful for the Grandparents that my children are lucky enough to have in their lives.  It was Grandparents lunch day at the girls school so my folks drove down to eat a ham dinner with us. I am not sure how it happened but my grandparents lived an hour away and we only saw them once a year.  Between the ones that live an hour away and our Indiana Grandparents our kids sure are fortunate.

November 20 - Caffeine - I have become a caffeine addict apparently.  Joe tried to kill me this morning by accidentally making a pot of decaf coffee (I always keep one bag of decaf coffee in the freezer just in case someone drinks it).  By noon I was struggling to even stand much less do any kind of work...I went into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee and noticed the green lettering on the bag "DECAF".  Yikes...was almost a goner for sure!

November 21 - Baby Summer (finally has an official name and is on her way home) - She came in a blizzard which is all the more fitting that her name is Summer, perhaps it was wishful thinking for a warmer time.  Just look at Miss Summer Lee Wells...beautiful and perfect!  (on a side note that is probably the most tired I have ever seen my brother, when asked how was labor and delivery - he said "life changing-ly terrifying" - Welcome to parenthood Tadd! ).

November 22 - Sunday, Sunday - Funday.  That's what we always say when the girls ask if Joe has to go to work, nope because it is Sunday, Sunday, Funday.  We love Sundays in our house and this particular one we didn't leave for anything...smoked 9 pounds of ribs and made all the trimmings with them...and then sent a care package with Nate to drop off to Tadd and Carri on his way back into town.  It was a wonderful day and the girls just kept saying how much they loved having Dad home.  Me too. :-)

November 23 - Mondays - And while they are the polar opposite of Sundays in this home I am thankful that they come around...complete with the chaos and laughter that all weeks start off as.  Jackson is at this truly mobile (nearly walking) terrific age where everything is a toy...my refrigerator has never had more hand prints on it but I smile so big whenever I see them.  When he finds something new and exciting he always says "Whoa!" which makes me laugh...so on Mondays when the rest of the family is running around like we are lit on fire...Jackson is following closely behind saying Whoa! to let us know how exciting the world still is.

November 24 - To-Do Lists.  I keep a rather lengthy To Do List at work (well and at home too but that one is never even close to caught up), so before vacations and holidays I attempt to get everything all put together and finished so I come back to an empty slate.  Well apparently everyone else on my team does the same so while I was hoping for a slow, short week I have been busting my butt to get my To Do List and everyone else's done too.  But boy oh boy do I love checking things off...wow is that satisfying to me!

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