Thursday, April 10, 2014

Slightly failing at EVERYTHING!

In a given day I have many things that I HAVE to get done...some I like to get done and several nice to haves.  Whelp for me, currently, the entire list is a fail.  Only a slight fail, so I don't believe I will be losing my job, or Joe's walking away and the girls aren't in any real danger...but every single thing in my life right now has taken a beating.  Several times a week I get so busy that I have to throw away my lunch, which I would think would make me skinnier but it hasn't...oh  I have sat down with the girls and explained that Mom is much busier now and needs some help from them, they nod their little heads and run off frothing at the mouth.  Fail.  In my experience children misbehave for two reasons, attention or testing boundaries.  Currently my kids are doing both, and to some point I get it...I don't agree with it or anything.  But I used to be able to work several hours a day and take regular breaks to work with the kids, check on them, "make projects" as Austin calls it.  Now I am requiring them to entertain themselves and since I am on calls ALL the time, if they are in my office they must be silent.  Sounds like a double dog dare huh?  In fact my life is a double dog dare.  Yesterday I got an email from a client that stated...You NEED to call me ASAP!.  Hmmm, makes me wish I knew your address sir, so instead of kicking the dog I could drive over there.  Needless to say I ignored him.  One of my team mates called him and it turns out he was typing in his password wrong.  Sounds like an ASAP problem to me.  And stop using abbreviations in professional emails, if you can't muster the full words, I can't get my fat fingers to dial the phone for you.

This picture was taken several days before the picture below it.  It was finally nice enough to rake some of the yard and water the sprouting flowers.

And several days later we got dumped on.  Kuma loves to be outside because he gets hot so easy.  Hiro needs to be by Kuma but doesn't stay as warm since he still has puppy fur so he decided to lay on him.  Weird-o's!

Here's a picture of the house down the road that caught on fire last week.  Gonna be a long fire season.

Here are the demons being "very quiet" while riding Austin the pony in my office and obviously quite proud of themselves.


Anne said...

Oh but they're SOOOOO cute!!! I hope your snow melts quickly. I am cherishing every warm-enough-to-go-outside day that we have.

It is so frustrating when responsibilities outweigh the actual amount of time we have to get them done!! Here's hoping everything evens out soon.

I've been missing your posts, but now I know why!!

Laurasuz said...

Umm yeah I know exactly what you mean! Just like all hard phases I bet this one will pass as well.

MaryGrace and Annabel ride each other too. It's hilarious.