Monday, April 21, 2014


We hosted Easter this year at our house and had an absolute blast.  Here are some of the pictures along with some others thrown in there.

The tulips for the different tables...I always think of Helen when I see tulips, she used to bring me home flowers and chocolate on occasion for no reason and often times they were tulips. :-)

Hiro is definitely the girls dog.  He loves to be near them, evidence here by having to lay on her feet.

I wanted to surprise the girls with their Easter hunting baskets, something pink and amazing but since I had to take them to the store with me they both ended up picking fluffy Elmo ones instead.

Baby Hannah making her way into the yard with her bunny basket.

I should have had the kids all line up in hindsight, but here are my girls and Hiro checking things out.

We kept Hannah's eggs in one circle which proved to even be a little bit difficult.

Kelley helping making sure that everyone has found all of the eggs.

The only picture I got of Morgan down in the valley.  I wrote everyone's names on the eggs since some had socks and what not in them, it was fun to watch them shout to each other about finding others eggs.

Grandma looking very spring like watching her grand babies.

The boys stayed their distance up by the garage.

Carri helping Goose figure out if all of her eggs say Tyler on them.


Laurasuz said...

What a great day! Looks like it was beautiful there! The mom in me loves the practical gifts vs the 20 lbs of sugar we now have in our house.

Anne said...

What a great place for an Easter egg hunt!!