Monday, April 14, 2014

Kuma's First Show

I cannot believe how nervous I fact I was so nervous that I couldn't blog about it just in case I jinxed it.  Kuma had his first show this last weekend up in Denver.  I got an email from our breeder stating that he would be entered in the Bred-By class with all the rest of the males up there and that I should work on "stacking" him.  Hmmm, after I Googled that and then watched hours of videos on how to stack a dog (make them stand at attention), now I've been working with him for weeks.  The problem is that Kuma is so well behaved that when we take walks he is rarely on lease and when we stop he sits next to our side.  Whelp that is apparently not what they are looking for in a show dog.  So I retrained him that when the choke collar is on and I touch his back legs that he stays standing but I couldn't get him to stop looking like he was in trouble.  Luckily he managed to pull it off and did very well...taking both Best Dog and Winners Dog on Saturday and Best Dog on Sunday.

Did not like the grooming table at all and the very loud blow dryer.

Here's him winning best dog...

And I think he won so easily because of how sweet he is, here's him giving the judge kisses (much unlike every other show dog there).

Here's him and the male dog he beat out.

And the female he won against is the one next to him that is black, grey and white.  As you can tell he doesn't stand at attention very well like the rest do but the judge even took me aside and said that he was a magnificent dog.

I just love this fluff ball.  Look at that face?!?!


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Anonymous said...

Crystal.....Congrats on the outstanding performace of your 3rd child...As a dyed-in-the-heart dog lover, I couldn't be happier for you!...Keep us in the know as the show (s) goes!!....Murph