Thursday, April 18, 2013

White People Problems

The comedian Louis CK said the following quote in one of his stand-ups and let's face it...I've got a whole lot of "White People Problems".

We have white people problems in America. That's what we have, white people problems. You know what that is? That's where your life is amazing, do you just make shit up to be upset about. People in other countries have real problems. Like, "Oh, shit. They're cutting off all our heads today." Things like that. Here, we make shit up to be upset about. Like, "How come I have to choose a language on the ATM machine? It's bullshit. I shouldn't have to do that. I'm American."

I was talking with a friend the other day and had to stop and laugh out loud, I had been telling her about the house debacle and everything going on, when it hit me...while stressful, these weren't real problems. I repeated the quote (in my own words) above and we both had a good laugh.  You know it's like complaining that your Starbucks coffee is too hot, or your Prada purse is too heavy.  I am pretty sure that conversation turned the entire house process around for me. I realized that really the only thing that was bothering me is that I couldn't control the situation that I was in and being a control freak that bothers me. I have started sleeping much better thinking about or perhaps thinking less about "what could happen" and more about let's say paint color and the fact that at some point we will live in a different house...who knows when or what address for sure but again life is uncertain.

Joe and I put Austin to bed last night...sighed and looked at each other only to come to the realization that we are raising an X-Men apparently.  You know, one that is so full of energy that it literally bursts out of her eyeballs.  This is how dinner went...Austin, can you please eat your noodles?...(Giant Sigh)...but my stomach hurts.  Ok well then stop drinking lime juice and have some milk.  (Fit of tears and screams) I don't want milk!  We then dump out the juice and get her milk.  She sips on it innocently and thanks us for the "delicious milk".  Hmmm, must have been Mr Hyde that was so concerned with the Juice vs Milk battle.  I spend parts of my day just blinking at her idly   And I completely know where she gets it.  I swear to you that there have been times in my life that I feel an emotion so strongly whether it be fear, anger, or happiness that I feel as though my body would explode.  That coupled with....if you have ever argued with Joe...his tone and facial expressions that make you truly believe that even though you walked in thinking you knew what you were talking about, now you are questioning yourself thinking you could be stupid.  Those two super hero powers have created the next global force, I only hope that we can channel that energy for good not evil.

Tyler on the other hand is either in a stage (we'll call it that so I can rest easy thinking I am still a decent Mom) or will be her sister's sidekick in the take over of the world because she has no fear or respect for rules or things that could possibly hurt her.  This is our daily conversation....Tyler please don't grab that *cord, plug, soup pot, whatever*.  She will then look at me smile and grab it with the other hand too.  At this point I get up walk over probably smack her hand, tell her no and drag her to time out all the while...and I can't make this up...she is leaning back to grab the said object again.  Just simply does not care about the punishment.  Even now I shake my head.  Wow.

So just when I think we are both failing miserably at this job, we go to a funeral today for the daughter of one of my Mom's good friends.  Both X-Men put on their street clothes and proceed to act like complete angels as the congregation gushes praise over their behavior.  Perhaps they just like to rile us up, you know really doubt ourselves into a drinking despair.

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Laurasuz said...

Well now I'm interested...buying a different house maybe??

As for the girls, if they are anything like mine (which I think our oldest two are a lot alike) they know something is going - a change that is - and it made MG nervous. I always kind of dread big changes around here because we have sensitive girls and it takes about two months for everyone to adjust. I'll be thinking of you guys.