Monday, February 18, 2013

Just a few pictures....

Here are just a few pictures, I am sure there will be hundreds more.
Tyler and I got a kiss from a Sea Lion.

So did Missy.
Hanging out at Bob Marley's.
My parents on the other side of the island.
A shot of the hotel from our fishing boat.
The Mahi Mahi that Joe caught.
Look at how the color changes when the fish dies.
Part of the fishing crew.
Austin was pretty much this excited the whole trip.
  The girls were hanging out at the Dolphin park with the iguanas.
Joe and the guests waiting for Tadd and I.
The first time I saw the girls, you can see how excited I was.
Tadd giving me away.
Joe and I listening.
Austin pouring in her part of the sand for our sand ceremony.
Tyler pouring in her part of the sand.
Finishing up the ceremony.
First kiss.
The girls looking for sea shells behind us during the wedding.
Tyler is yelling Ya Hooo! with everyone in the crowd.


Anonymous said...

Love love love!!!!!

Anne said...

Thanks so much!!! Love the pictures!!

Noel Fabian said...

Such a pretty ceremony! Great pictures, you all look so happy!

Anonymous said...

Looks absolutely amazing! I so so SO wish I could have been there. I could LIVE on that beach, it looks so gorgeous! Hope you and Joe have many many many wonderful years together ahead of you, and I hope they're at least as beautiful as your wedding! :-) Hugs!!!