Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I caved

Oh my goodness did I cave.  So I was out shopping for a dress for the wedding and could not find anything, I mean not even ones to try on.  Apparently selling spring/summer dresses in Colorado does not take place in February.  As a last ditch effort I drove to David's Bridal.  I knew that I was out of my league when there was first and foremost a receptionist and secondly she asked me if I had an appointment.  I explained to her (in a nervous shaky voice) that I was leaving for my wedding this weekend and was trying desperately hard not to wear a big ol' wedding dress, especially since I will have to carry it with me.  She smiled and congratulated me and called up Ashley.  Let's talk about Ashley for a second, this poor women is so upbeat that I know it has to be brought on by a long line a pill popping back alleys but aside from that, do you realize that the women that help you at a bridal boutique actually dress you?  Yep you heard that right, me standing there naked and stretch marked to beat the band while she shimmys dresses over my head and buttons them up for me.  All the while smiling, this is where the obvious drug use comes into play.  Saying things like "do you feel like a 10, I'm looking for a 10?".  Finally after covering me, Ashley and large grouping of dresses in sweat I found the one.  Any women reading this will understand...that dress you put on and actually like looking at yourself in the mirror even though the lighting is horrible and still have on white socks. Yeah that one.  So I threw the budget out the window and am going to wear an actual effin' wedding dress to my "casual beach wedding".  Luckily Joe will still be in super casual along with all of our guests since after all I have been promising everyone, you know since I was a young women that I would never wear a wedding dress. ;-)


Laurasuz said...

Even though I read this I'm still calling to get the FULL story! Hows nap time tomorrow?!?

Anne said...

Oooooo I can't wait to see it!!!!

Crystal said...

Sounds wonderful Laura, and yes Anne I am making sure there will be a thousand pictures. :-)