Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Getting back into the swing of things...

It's always hard getting back into the swing off things after a vacation and made worse by the fact that I left Indiana feeling like death. Joe was amazing on the flight home and held onto a very squirmy Tyler almost the entire time as I sat there and tried not to pass out. The flight was super smooth even though they came over and warned us that it was going to be such a bumpy landing that they were making the flight staff sit down early for their safety. Luckily while we were retrieving our gate checked items the pilot got off the plane and we were able to thank him for such an awesome landing. Once we got to the parking lot and felt the hurricane force winds we understood why everyone on the aircraft was nervous about the landing. The girls are just about back to normal although Lil' Bit seems more tired but that also could be because she is a full fledged crawler now. :-)

Tyler simply has to be close to Austin, this was yesterday morning as Austin was working with some stickers...Tyler can't help but at least have her feet resting on her. Tadd and I used to call this move "Rocket Ship" but the feet resting was then followed by the person in the back launching the person in the front into an immovable object. Good times.

This morning the girls had to play blocks together. :-)

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