Monday, February 13, 2012

Aunt J.

So Aunt J came down and spent the WHOLE weekend with us...not sure who was more excited me or the girls, but it was awesome to have her around. While I have a 2 1/2 minute break from my 16 jobs let me just post how freaking cute the girls were in anticipation of J's arrival. They are wearing their new "princess dresses" that she got them.

And look who can sit up on her own, she still falls over but is getting much better about catching herself...well at least until a very excited Austin knocks her over. :-)


Anne said...

Oh my gosh they do look so freaking cute!!! I can't WAIT to see them in person. I was missing your posts, but I forgot about all your many jobs! I'm glad you got to visit with J. It's so hard when good friends move away.

jlynn said...

OMG those dresses are so freaking cute I could just die! I was probably the most excited... just saying! It was hard waking up this morning without Austin breathing in my face.