Friday, November 11, 2011

Weekend here we come.

I am so glad to hear that other people are having issues with daylight savings time...holy smokes our house is in chaos because of it. The girls wake up wicked early and are nearly too tired to eat dinner at night.

I have always wanted to try one of those Brazilian Straightening systems where they bond keratin to your hair, so there was a Groupon that came around a while back and I bought a severely discounted one. I made the appointment for this last Wednesday thinking that it would be awesome to have straight non-frizzy hair in Mexico (which is coming up next weekend...Yahoo!). Had Joe come home early from work and I headed to my appointment, I think my hair looks much more manageable when I just let it air dry and MUCH less frizzy but Joe thinks it looks about the same. Needless to say that comment alone makes me not want to spend the normal $150 price tag every three months, but it was worth a discounted try. Like I always say, I don't spend much time away from the girls and I can say that Joe has never taken both of them anywhere. In fact most of the time when Joe watches them it is during nap time so I can run to the store if we need a lot of groceries or something like that. So on Wednesday night when I pulled into the driveway just one and a half short hours after I left I was surprised when I was greeted by one of our friends in the driveway that was picking up his dirt bike we had been storing. He was chuckling and said, "Man Joe has his hands full in there!". Hmmm, never what a Mom wants to hear.

I walked in our house to be greeted by Joe looking frantic, the dogs barking insanely, Austin covered in blood and Lil' Bit screaming on the floor. With my best "I'm not panicked voice", I looked at Joe and asked is everything OK? And picked up Lil' Bit, yelled at the dogs and grabbed Austin. Joe then explained that Lil' Bit had been crying since I left, the dogs were going insane due to the guy picking up his dirt bike, Austin got in trouble for shouting at Joe and when she went to run away tripped over a chair and fell on the tile floor only to cut open her lip.

I have a hair cut scheduled for this next Wednesday so I am hoping the girls can take it a little easier on poor Joe.

Oh yeah and our leaf tray finally dried...look at how amazing this thing turned out!!!!!


Anne said...

Love the tray!!!

Anonymous said...

Joe told Anne that story and Anne told me - I laughed so hard because our days have been just as crazy.

The tray is a great idea!!