Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am pretty sure that Joe wishes that we would just skip Mexico this year again due to the business with the thought of leaving everything in the hands of his very young workers. But we are going and leave tomorrow morning, the girls and I (well at least Austin) are extremely excited and can't wait to sit on the beach and explore the place. I read a quote one time that stated that it was easier to grow old as a parent because you are so excited to watch your children experience their firsts. I couldn't agree with this more. This is our 11th trip to Mexico as a family and this is by far the most excited I have ever been...just the thought of Austin building sand castles and running from the ocean's waves has me giddy. It will be truly amazing. I am already completely packed which took FOREVER and a lot of sweat to close those suitcases. Again I am pretty sure if we had one more kid we couldn't make it happen, although I had to pack diapers for both girls this time which was a huge part of the process. Austin does really well at home with potty training as long as there aren't other distractions like you know, Grandma and Uncle Dane like there will be for 8 days. So rather than stress I packed accordingly and just brought the diapers. The only real down side to this Mexico trip is that Tadd won't be with us. I am super bummed about that, he paid for his trip and then got a HUGE promotion at work and can't take the time off. Tadd is now the Finance Manager at the new Used Car Super Store here in town, it is essentially his dream job so I don't think he's even that torn up about not coming. I think Joe and I are more sad than he is. Me because I love to laugh with and at him and Joe because now he is stuck playing golf with Dane...although that does make me laugh pretty hard. Last trip down Tadd let Dane drive his golf cart and I personally watched as Dane drove them off a bridge and then into a tree, the kid just spaces out sometimes and his brain disconnects. Hopefully he gets over that now that he has his learner's permit.

I promise to take a ton of pictures and post way too many of them on here. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! XOXOXOX


Anne said...

Have a blast guys!!!! Can't wait for the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Get a tan for me!