Monday, November 28, 2011


As it turns out traveling with two children at these ages is a stressful as the general public leads you to believe. :-) But here are some pictures of the fun that was sprinkled in with the stress.

Joe and Tyler at Thanksgiving dinner.

Austin ate every bit of her body weight in ice cream.

The amazing kids place play area.

My parents and Austin at dinner one night.

We have been calling Tyler Thunder Thighs all week, hopefully that name doesn't stick but isn't she just such a little chunk?

Joe and his girls in the pool.

Apparently the open mouth thing is something that both my girls do all the time.

If George was around Tyler was sure to be found sitting on his lap.

Tyler wanted so bad to be in the pool with her big sister.

Austin just about passed out when she realized that they also had a swing set.

Joe singing with his girls on the back porch of our room.


Laurasuz said...

Cute cute cute!!! I know I say this all the time and I'm probably beating a dead horse but Joe and Tyler's looks, which I now call Joeler, is INSANE!!!

We drove to Mike's wedding, a mere 4ish hours away, and it was so stressful that was the weekend my face swelled up, so I can't image doing many more hours of traveling AND the plane/time change/hotel room jig along with that. Ya'll are brave!

Anne said...

Yes it sure is!!! But after it's over it sure does make great memories. Just like labor, you tend to forget all the bad parts after awhile. ;o)
And those girls are so cute I want to eat them up!!!!

Laurasuz said...

We came here again because MG was wanting to see Uncle Joe and I have to say Mexico is looking pretty nice, now that we have snow. And I normally love snow.