Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This and that...

I spent several days last week in Joe's shop learning the ropes, it was odd number one to be at work rather than at home and number two it was super stressful to know that any person you are serving could be an undercover cop. You really have to make sure you are checking every little bit of paperwork and what not. Needless to say I am quite happy to be sitting here in my yoga pants currently.

We decided with Wishing Wells to list things out separately which basically means that I have been on Craigslist all day typing and we are just piecing out everything. It's going to take a while but at least this way we are getting some action (thank you for the suggestion J).

I had to watch Star Wars at the gym this morning which means I am still shaking my head...that is a series I just can't get into. I generally like to shut up true fans by mentioning that my favorite character is Jarjar Binks. Star Wars geeks hate that.

One of my pet peeves is to leave clothes in the washer too long thus making it so you have to re-wash the load. I did this said atrocity 3 times last week for the same load. What can say they are really clean at this point.

I told Austin that I was 31 and she gasped being as though she can only count to 10 I am sure that number does seem awful. Still makes me giggle thinking about it. Although recently I have been having a lot of mortality thoughts, I think because while watching TV shows I am starting to relate more to the parents (as well I should) than the children. J and I were talking a while back and since she is my oldest friend we both can remember the time when we used to sit around and talk about "when I grow up and have kids...". I looked at her the other day holy shit...I grew up and have kids. I know what they look like, sound like...I know what I named them and who I had them with. It was truly an aw inspiring conversation.

We have our volleyball tournament tonight which should be super fun although we always go near undefeated all season (as we did this one too) and then lose in the tournament so we don't get one of the suckerific t-shirts they give out. Fingers crossed that we can pull it off tonight.

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Anne said...

Are you planning to fill in regularly at Joe's shop? Thanks for the update. I'm always wondering what's going on out there!