Friday, September 16, 2011


I have realized, well have known for a while, that I am selfish when it comes to updates and updating people. Such as this blog - I put off writing because of my lack of time but I always find time to read everyone's. Like this morning, I log in to the computer quickly go through my local paper just to be sure that there aren't masked gunmen perusing my neighborhood and then start my nosey reading - Facebook and Blogger. I NEVER update my Facebook but that is partially due to the fact that I have all kinds of friends on there that aren't really my friends and I was guilted into allowing them into my life because everyone else in school friended them. In fact one such women/gargoyle was a cause of great many tears my sophomore year. I was dating a complete scum bag who cheated on my with her while she was pretending to be my friend. Needless to say that I was shocked when she friended me. But just to watch out for my karma bank I allowed the friendship to happen. With that being said I don't really update much of my life on there. But those that have made it to this blog I consider my family and friends.

When I anxiously clicked on Anne's blog this morning I realized just how selfish it was of me to want so bad to read her update but not type any sort of an update myself.

So here we go.

Me - I couldn't remember when it would happen but I knew it Kimberly if you ever find time to read blogs again with that new adorable son of yours - know that it takes 3 1/2 months for this to happen. The tiredness sets in and you are in a zombie like state. Lil' Bit only eats once a night but wakes up for that blasted pacifier 4-5 times oh yeah and the pumping that I have to do still. All and all I am sure that I am not lacking on THAT much sleep it just the fact that I am waking up so much the idea of getting any REM sleep is a complete joke. Every night Joe asks what's wrong and I just shake my head and say I'm tired. A weird sort of sinus pressure headache has set in behind my eyes that I can't seem to shake and my neck is stiff as if I got in a car accident during one of my sleepless nights. This must be the look that my friend referred to when she said that I looked like I had one foot in the grave. Luckily if Lil' Bit is like Baby Girl she will start sleeping through the night here in a couple months and I will start the process of digging myself out of the 6' hole.

Joe - Business is doing well and he was the major reference for the city council on the new fees that they just approved. He managed to hurt his shoulder playing softball the other day so he's been taking it easy with a lot of Oww's sprinkled in his daily life. One trait that is completely absent in my zombie like state is that of sympathy so I have practiced the fine art of biting my tongue when he mentions the injury. :-)

Baby Girl - She gets more and more expressive everyday and is just a kick to watch grow up, I know that people say that 2 year olds are hard to deal with but I think 1year -18 months was much more challenging. She didn't have many words and could barely walk but refused to sit still. When I flew back to Indiana by myself with a 15 month old you could have never warned me what that was going to be like, but now this time with a 2 year old all strapped into her own seat and watching cartoons on the headrest TV...that was like heaven. She helps out a ton with her little sister with pacifiers and feeding her - although I am sure that one day poor Lil' Bit will be blind due to them being shoved in her eyes all the time.

Lil' Bit - Can just about roll over, she does her tummy time everyday and I get out the video camera because I know it is just moments away from happening but still hasn't. She has had a blocked tear duct since we visited Indiana which is making me debate on going into the doctor which I hate, every time I take the girls in they end up catching some kind of cold. And why wouldn't they Lil' Bit touches everything and then eats her hand and Baby Girl licks furniture. I am giving it two more days and then I will take her in just so she doesn't end up blind - at least not from the infection.

Wishing Wells - Has been put on hold while they are building out a new wall in our suite and redoing the electrical. I can't wait to get back in there and get it all organized again. The website has been getting plenty of hits but no calls so perhaps it all of us incessantly hitting it. :-) My work has been eerily slow which is never a good sign but I'll ride this job out until they drag me away from my laptop.

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Anne said...

Yay for the update!! I've been trying to get better about posting a little something with words instead of only pictures lately.