Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day 2011

Austin very excited on the plane and Lil' Bit all swaddled up laying on my lap.

Laura laughing with her girls in the background.

Poor Claire is just old enough to get everywhere but not quite one of the big kids yet.

The three oldest girls that could not be more different from looks to personality.

Claire was not allowed to drink the water so pouring it down herself seemed like the best alternative.

Little smiley Annabel...holding still for a rare occasion.

Allegra turned into a young woman over night.

Aunt Anne with some of the girls.

MaryGrace and Monica hugging it out.

Look at those leaves already falling.

I love how kids swarm to a little one in a walker.

Notice how the only smiles are those on the Grandparents' faces. :-)


Anonymous said...

Ah, so much fun! Thanks for posting the photos :-) I just love, love, love seeing all those cute kids hanging out together!

Barb said...

I agree..... these are fabulous pictures! What a fun time - having all the cousins together. This is grandparent paradise! I can't say that I wish we lived in Indiana, but it would sure be nice if they all lived in Colorado.... Thanks for sharing! Kiss my girls, love you.....