Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Pictures

Little Miss Tyler Mae laying on the floor of my office.

Austin paying close attention as to not step on the pink blanket which is off limits while her sister in on it. This is what my office looks like in the morning...notice "Elmo" on in the background.

Marmee sitting guard next to Tyler while we were at Little Gym. Austin crawling around like a rabid monkey. :-)

Marmee helping Austin with the balance beam. It was so amazing to have the them out here and be able to show them our lives for a week...including Austin at Little Gym.

Austin showing Tyler a pair of Booties that were gifted to her. Notice the bottle hanging out of my mouth...well little Miss Tyler or as we call her Little Bit, doesn't nurse. It's not like she nurses poorly or anything, I mean doesn't nurse at all. While she was in the hospital a doctor suggested pumping breast milk and supplementing formula to help wash out the jaundice faster...which it totally did and I am forever grateful. In fact she was out of harms way three days sooner than Austin so it worked wonderfully. However it has made her a total bottle baby and me Bessie the Milk Cow. I don't hate pumping and wouldn't mind if I had to do it for the next year other than the night time when I still have to get up, feed Little Bit, change her diaper and then pump which means that I tick away on the rare sleep time that I get in the first place. Oh well such is life, I hope that I can work with her enough to get her to nurse even if just as night but so far when I try all that happens is we both end up in tears.

Austin's pile of presents at her is for this reason that we don't buy her anything for birthdays or Christmas.


Anne said...

When you try nursing, even if it's just at night, totally get one of those nipple shields from Target and give it a go that way. She'll still have to pull the milk down of course which may cause problems, but the shield makes it really easy to grab!

Anne said...

Oh and ps THANK YOU for all the pics. Not always easy to find the time but I LOVE them all!