Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's J's Birthday!

Today is J's birthday which not only makes me want to tell her happy birthday but also to share a story.

While sitting around at Austin's birthday party someone noticed a gray hair on J and let her know it was there in case she wanted to take care of it. She smiled and said no thank you, I like my gray hairs. This has always been my response also and I believe I have an answer as to why her and I have always said this.

Obviously J and I have been friends for give or take 20 years and have seen each other through everything, she knows every bad decision I have ever made and still chooses to love me. I remember one such time her and I were siting in Josh Jacobs truck barreling down a dirt road of course not wearing our seat belts, listening to music entirely too loud and squealing in delight every time we would go around a corner (with no guard rails mind you) and Josh would fishtail the entire bed of his full size truck off the road. It's stories like this (and I have a lot of them) that make J and I thankful that we made it to gray hair status. I would never be ashamed of stating that we are 31 years old and have lived a life that while some what questionable at times has been one hell of a ride and I couldn't have picked a better soul mate to take it with. :-D

Here we are long before I had stretch marks hitting the clubs in LA and causing entirely too much trouble. XOXOXOXOX


jlynn said...

Thank you!!

Yes, you have that exactly right, couldn't have picked a better person to share a life with. I feel the same way... would it be completely girlie to say that blog almost made me cry? Oh well, I suppose I'm girlie...31 and girlie.

PS when I got my hair done I wanted to color around the two little gray hairs I have... apparently that's impossible. They'll come back though. My little gray friends. :) I'm going to start calling them my wisdom hairs.

jlynn said...

... and haha, we were on

LauraSuz said...

Happy Birthday J!

Anne said...

Happy birthday, J!

So good to have such real friends like that!

jlynn said...

Thanks ladies!!