Friday, June 11, 2010

It's Hailing

As I watch my grass get pelted with hail...ahh Colorado. Known for it's amazing amount of hail storms.

I was in traffic court yesterday for my speeding ticket. Do you ever just look around and think to yourself, I don't belong here. I was the only person dressed up. Since when does going to court not require you to brush your hair and put on something nice? And all of the people in front of me when they got up to enter in a guilty or not guilty plea were first told "and in this instance we have decided to wave jail time.". Ok you had the potential of going to jail yet you felt no need to get ready. I looked around as everyone sat there in their pajamas making smart ass comments. Apparently the rest of the traffic violators in the Springs aren't near as scared of sitting in a 8x8 cell as I am. You know the old saying you get more bees with honey than vinegar. Well yesterday proved as a perfect case in point.
  • I managed to show up to the wrong court house, which made it so that I was 30 minutes late to the right one.
  • I didn't have my driver's license with traffic court, I don't even know how you do that?!?!
  • I was going 11 miles an hour over the speed limit.
  • I didn't have my insurance card with me.
  • I had to clear up a ticket for blocking Jeremy and Laura's driveway on during Territory Days (turns out that's illegal even when you know the people that live there).

All of this and I walked out with a ticket reduced down to an unobstructed window, not even sure what that is but it's a 0 point ticket with no additional fines. And a $10 parking warning rather than a ticket. Oh yeah and the judge said they were reducing the ticket so much because...wait for it...I am an "excellent" driver. Or maybe she said "I had an excellent driving record", either way, I know I am an excellent driver. :-)

Seriously though, when I was paying the fines on the way out...I asked the lady accepting my payment how her day was going, and she stopped and looked at me like I was speaking Greek. All I thought to myself was "is no one nice to you?". She's not the one who broke the law, or wrote you the ticket, or passed the judgment. She is just the lady taking credit cards and checks at the end of the hallway. Instantly she was nice and smiley which helped immensely when I couldn't produce my driver's license IN TRAFFIC COURT! Ahhh Crystal, it's amazing you make it through some days with your head still attached.

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Anonymous said...

I am sure this was not your intent, but, thank you for giving me an end-of-the-day laugh may a## off.....Murph