Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Incline

I totally forgot to mention that J and I also did this bad dog on Saturday morning, between the Incline and the Bolder Boulder my legs are still tired. The Incline is just about 3500 steps that we are absolutely sure were created by the devil himself. It used to be what the tracks under the cog railroad attached to and while they have removed the tracks and wires the railroad ties remain. I wish the pictures did it justice.
Here is the view from Ute Pass as you head up to Woodland Park, it is the white line that you can see in the first peak (Manitou Mountain).

Here is a view down the Incline, it actually makes you have vertigo to look down it that's how steep it is.

Another view down it, as you can see the railroad ties probably used to be in a nice straight row but not now...which just adds to the challenge.

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