Thursday, January 28, 2010


The X-Games are this weekend and we normally go over to Aspen and watch them with my Aunt and Uncle but this year with everything going on we won't be able to make it. What a bummer. Hopefully next year we'll be able to.

My heart isn't as broken anymore, of course when my heart breaks for things like Haiti generally it's my checkbook that feels it the most. I came downstairs the other day and told Joe that I was having a bad guess what I did, and he looked at me and smiled and asked how much money did I give away to make myself feel better. It's nice that he understands. :-)

Austin's new favorite trick is to click her tounge so if you start clicking your tounge she has to start too. Here's a video of that and her kicking the snot out of the chair in my office for no apparent reason.


Anne said...

It is definitely nice to have someone around who knows you so well. It's comforting and stabilizing.

You're so generous!

And your baby is SOOOOOOO cute!

laurasuz said...

Well I wish I could see the video!