Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pictures.... :-)

Austin the big girl in her first big girl bath, you will see Joe's hand making sure she doesn't slip. She still falls over quite a bit while sitting up, I think she just forgets that she has to concentrate.

Eating a toy covered in bubbles...ahhh the good life.

When I first put her in the sink she wouldn't let go, that's our little dare devil.

Not letting go just in case the world decides to buck her off.

Sitting on Aunt Heather's shoulders with my Mom at Christmas dinner.

Hanging out with Gram while Joe and I snowboard.

Notice the book under her so she can stand up. Gotta love Grandma's house, the land of possibilities.


Anne said...

Those sink pictures are priceless! Love them. Miss you all.

Anonymous said...

Great shots Crystal thanks for posting....That is one happy kid!! Murph (Papa)

LauraSuz said...

Oh my GOSH! Those are CUTE pictures!! Dad's right, she's always smiling!