Thursday, January 21, 2010

Funny little quirks

Funny little quirk....

I like to say I have quirks rather than down right odd things that I do, quirks sound cuter and less in need of therapy.

I listen to Oooo-child by the 5 Stairsteps every Wednesday on the way to kids group and every time it makes me cry. I don't think there is a better way to say it..."Thing's are gonna get easier, things'll get brighter". I think it disarms me and makes me brutally aware of the task at hand, which is helping people. I guess it knocks me down a notch from my "privileged" lifestyle. So I show up with a warm heart and red eyes but hopefully by wearing my emotions on my sleeve I enter without judgment.

If anyone has watched/read Secret Life of Bees, I think I need a wailing wall. Two nights ago I had to leave the gym early because they were showing images of children in Haiti. It hurt my heart so bad I couldn't run anymore so I decided to leave before I adopted a plane full.

Well I am off to nurse my broken heart, my favorite quote of the week..."If the good do nothing evil prevails".

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